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What is inductor amount?

What is inductor amount? 2012-11-15 15:51:18

What is inductor amount?

Also known as self-inductance inductance, inductor self-sensing ability of a physical quantity.
The inductance of the inductor size, depending on the number of coils (turns), winding the way, with or without a magnetic core and the magnetic core material, etc.. Generally, the more the number of turns, the wound coil is more intensive, the greater the amount of inductance. The core of the coil magnetic core permeability, the larger the coil inductance greater than the large amount of non-magnetic core-coil inductance; The basic unit of inductance is Henry (Henry), represented by the letter "H". The common units there millihenries (mH) and micro-henry (μH) and the relationship between them is: 1H = 1000mH 1mH = 1000μH


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